Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

I always dreamed of super long, Rapunzel-like hair, but honestly, knowing my thin hairtype, I deep down inside knew it is an impossible mission…and that’s when I started looking for other solutions.


While searching for the perfect option, I came accross various ways of hair lengthening. Considering I could never really step out of the evil “I cut it & regret it – It finally grew a bit-I don’t like it so I cut it again” circle, I was not brave enough to go straight to a permanent solution, but when getting the chance to work with Irresistible Me and try out their high-quality hair extensions, I became really excited.

IMG_1167 (1).jpg

During the whole online ordering process, finding the right shade is probably the hardest. As having almost black hair, I decided to go with Natural Black, the second darkest shade in their collection, and I was really glad they had a option between chocolate brown and cold toned black, as my hair is right in the middle of the two popular shades. I chose the 20 inch long, 200 gramm piece, and to be honest, it’s fuller and better than my expectations: the hair looked amazing, full and super long when I received it, so my second biggest fear (looking too fake) was solved immediately.


After opening this gorgeous box , the hair was separetad into two sections: one was a “tester” and the other was the rest of the hair, and if the tester doesn’t fit, you can return it without opening the full package, which is a really practical and clever solution regarding there might be colour differences. As a girl who always wanted long and full hair, I instantly got super cheerful about the clip-in hair extensions and I watched every tutorial on the planet to know how to get the hair in right. Being honest, I was still a bit afraid about how natural it would look, but after clipping the different parts into my hair, I was really satisfied with it.


Luckily, I was satisfied with everything, from the quality and colour of the hair to the strength of the clips and the natural look of the extensions. I have played around with them for months now, straigthened, washed and curled them, and they still look exactly like the way I took them out of the box, so I can absolutely recommend them to everyone who is new to the world of hair extensions, and looks for something fun and temporary to play with.


– Temporary: You can take these hair extensions out whenever you would like to, so it is a great choice if you are looking for something extra for special occasions
– Great quality: Let’s be honest, quality is the most important aspect with hair extensions, and these ones look 100% real!
– Wide colour range: Don’t worry if you are not the regular blonde or brown!
– Cute Packaging: I just couldn’t miss that out from the list.

– Strange Feeling: For the first few times, putting an extra 200 gr of hair onto your natural roots is definitely a strange experience, and although it feels heavy, this feeling goes away after the first few times.


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