Product Review: For All My Eternity

I’m a university student with a various number of all-nighters every month, so dark under-eye circles have become a part of my everyday look since September. Besides trying to get a reasonable hours of sleeping every day, I have been constantly trying to make those circles disappear with everything from homemade masks to cucumber slices.  After reading all the great reviews and seeing the organic ingredients, I decided to try out FAME’s organic eye cream.


The product comes in a gorgeous, pink and silver packaging, and has a very “green” and strong scent. The blend of oils gives the cream a rich texture, which is moisturizing enough, but not too heavy for the sensitive under-eye area. What I love the most about this cream that it is very refreshing: it awakens my eyes even after a very long night of studying, and although it didn’t make the darkness disappear (I guess I would need true magic for that), it definitely helped brighten my eye area, which is a true lifesaver for me, especially during the exams.



I am pretty lucky with my skin tone. I get tanned easily and I naturally have a warmer undertone, so I never needed fake tanning, but after living in Europe’s most rainy and cloudy country for a few months, my skin was so pale that even Snow White could be jealous.

As a beauty junkie, I have tried self-tanning a few times – usually before summer vacations, when I didn’t want to arrive to the beach looking as white as the sand, but these experiments didn’t go really well. I was never too patient to massage it evenly into my skin, which caused random darker spots and stripes on my skin, and somehow I always managed to choose the worst possible product for my skin type: in the past, I tried out one which made me yellow and another one that had way too much shimmer in it, so I ended up looking like a disco ball.


I was brave enough to try out the FAME Tanning Mousse, which instantly gives a natural looking tan to the skin. Because the tan was immediately showing on my skin only after a few minutes, I had to quickly and evenly massage the mousse into my skin, but the light texture of the product made the application very easy. The product description promised me a fast-absorbing, moisturizing instant self-tanner which will last for about 5-7 days… and this product kept all these promises.
After I woke up, I looked like I came home from a vacation, and I think this is the most important aspect of a self-tanner. It adapts to the skin color, making it browner and more glowing, and besides giving me a natural looking tan, this product also nourished my skin, leaving it silky and soft.


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