Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

I always dreamed of super long, Rapunzel-like hair, but honestly, knowing my thin hairtype, I deep down inside knew it is an impossible mission…and that’s when I started looking for other solutions.


While searching for the perfect option, I came accross various ways of hair lengthening. Considering I could never really step out of the evil “I cut it & regret it – It finally grew a bit-I don’t like it so I cut it again” circle, I was not brave enough to go straight to a permanent solution, but when getting the chance to work with Irresistible Me and try out their high-quality hair extensions, I became really excited.

IMG_1167 (1).jpg

During the whole online ordering process, finding the right shade is probably the hardest. As having almost black hair, I decided to go with Natural Black, the second darkest shade in their collection, and I was really glad they had a option between chocolate brown and cold toned black, as my hair is right in the middle of the two popular shades. I chose the 20 inch long, 200 gramm piece, and to be honest, it’s fuller and better than my expectations: the hair looked amazing, full and super long when I received it, so my second biggest fear (looking too fake) was solved immediately.


After opening this gorgeous box , the hair was separetad into two sections: one was a “tester” and the other was the rest of the hair, and if the tester doesn’t fit, you can return it without opening the full package, which is a really practical and clever solution regarding there might be colour differences. As a girl who always wanted long and full hair, I instantly got super cheerful about the clip-in hair extensions and I watched every tutorial on the planet to know how to get the hair in right. Being honest, I was still a bit afraid about how natural it would look, but after clipping the different parts into my hair, I was really satisfied with it.


Luckily, I was satisfied with everything, from the quality and colour of the hair to the strength of the clips and the natural look of the extensions. I have played around with them for months now, straigthened, washed and curled them, and they still look exactly like the way I took them out of the box, so I can absolutely recommend them to everyone who is new to the world of hair extensions, and looks for something fun and temporary to play with.


– Temporary: You can take these hair extensions out whenever you would like to, so it is a great choice if you are looking for something extra for special occasions
– Great quality: Let’s be honest, quality is the most important aspect with hair extensions, and these ones look 100% real!
– Wide colour range: Don’t worry if you are not the regular blonde or brown!
– Cute Packaging: I just couldn’t miss that out from the list.

– Strange Feeling: For the first few times, putting an extra 200 gr of hair onto your natural roots is definitely a strange experience, and although it feels heavy, this feeling goes away after the first few times.


Product Review: For All My Eternity

I’m a university student with a various number of all-nighters every month, so dark under-eye circles have become a part of my everyday look since September. Besides trying to get a reasonable hours of sleeping every day, I have been constantly trying to make those circles disappear with everything from homemade masks to cucumber slices.  After reading all the great reviews and seeing the organic ingredients, I decided to try out FAME’s organic eye cream.


The product comes in a gorgeous, pink and silver packaging, and has a very “green” and strong scent. The blend of oils gives the cream a rich texture, which is moisturizing enough, but not too heavy for the sensitive under-eye area. What I love the most about this cream that it is very refreshing: it awakens my eyes even after a very long night of studying, and although it didn’t make the darkness disappear (I guess I would need true magic for that), it definitely helped brighten my eye area, which is a true lifesaver for me, especially during the exams.



I am pretty lucky with my skin tone. I get tanned easily and I naturally have a warmer undertone, so I never needed fake tanning, but after living in Europe’s most rainy and cloudy country for a few months, my skin was so pale that even Snow White could be jealous.

As a beauty junkie, I have tried self-tanning a few times – usually before summer vacations, when I didn’t want to arrive to the beach looking as white as the sand, but these experiments didn’t go really well. I was never too patient to massage it evenly into my skin, which caused random darker spots and stripes on my skin, and somehow I always managed to choose the worst possible product for my skin type: in the past, I tried out one which made me yellow and another one that had way too much shimmer in it, so I ended up looking like a disco ball.


I was brave enough to try out the FAME Tanning Mousse, which instantly gives a natural looking tan to the skin. Because the tan was immediately showing on my skin only after a few minutes, I had to quickly and evenly massage the mousse into my skin, but the light texture of the product made the application very easy. The product description promised me a fast-absorbing, moisturizing instant self-tanner which will last for about 5-7 days… and this product kept all these promises.
After I woke up, I looked like I came home from a vacation, and I think this is the most important aspect of a self-tanner. It adapts to the skin color, making it browner and more glowing, and besides giving me a natural looking tan, this product also nourished my skin, leaving it silky and soft.

Heavenly Minutes x Leather & Silk Blog

Vannak azok a blogok, ahol órákig tudok kattintgatni és görgetni lefelé, a legrégebbi bejegyzésekig elkalandozva, aztán másnap is felnézek és alig várom, hogy legyen új cikk. A Heavenly Minutes abszolút egy ilyen blog: a hangulatos, vintage designtól kezdve egészen a DIY, beauty és divat cikkekig minden imádnivaló, így nem csoda, hogy egy alig pár hetes blog írójaként nagyon-nagyon boldog vagyok, hogy több vendégcikkem is meg fog jelenni náluk a hét folyamán – amiket remélem ti is imádni fogtok!

I’m sure you know those blogs where you just keep clicking and scrolling for hours, ending up reading the oldest posts…well, Heavenly Minutes is that type of blog for me. From the gorgeous, vintage design to the great DIY, beauty and fashion articles, there is nothing not to love about this site, so I’m extreeeemly glad to be a guest blogger at their site during the upcoming weeks – all the translations will be here on my blog, enjoy! 

logo              11747527_10207128858083093_921287574_o

Rainy Mini Haul

I know, during the summer sales, being excited about winter coats and huge sweaters can sound crazy – expect if you are planning to move to Aberdeen.

A melegebb hónapokban elég nehéz bárkit is leárazott télikabátokkal és sapkákkal izgalomba hozni  – kivéve, ha az úti cél Skócia.

The beauty and the beanie


 Daisy Beanie // Virágos sapka – SIX
Lipstick // Rúzs – Rimmel London, Kate Moss 01
Toner // Tonik – LUSH, Breath of Fresh Air


Sweater Weather




Pyama party


Women’s secret, Fifi Lapin Collection (similar)IMG_0454

Sun Please!




Boho & Comfy


Women’s Secret

Hey Kitty!


Women’s secret

Winter TBT


IMG_7545 IMG_7536 
IMG_7529 (1)


     Polka dot crop top // Pöttyös crop top – H&M
Lapel jacket // Kabát – DressVe
Leather Skater Skirt // Szoknya – Milano je t’adore
Jewelry // Ékszerek – Mango, ASOS
Heeled boots // Csizma – Shoespie